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Ways of Thinking

Patrick M. Lydon /パトリック・ライドン
Suhee Kang /スヒ・カン
Joseph Calleja & Clare Ghigo / ジョセフ・カレヤ & クレア・ジゴ

Niall Stevenson / ニール・スティーブンソン
Russell Beard / ラッセル・ビアード
Luis B. Guzmán / ルイス・グスマン


Ways of Thinking

“Ways of Thinking” は、オリンピック運動から “環境と福祉” をテーマに引き出し、若手アーティストの交換プログラムとし、その場所固有の作品の作成やアートパートナーと の介入を含む包括的なマッピングプロジェクトです。   人が地理と環境、持っている相反する傾向をキャプチャーし、新しい理解と実践を生み出し、それが場所と経験を通じてどの ように繋がるかをプロットします。この様な国際文化交流は、芸術を続ける事が困難な時代にますます重要になり、我々は引き続き、個々のアーティストや主催団体の交換プロセ スを可能にし、サポートすることに全力を尽くし、そこらから発展する国際的なネットワークを促進し、強化します。
Lateral Lab

このプロジェクトは、Lateral Lab(ラテラルラボ)、Elizabeth Ogilvie(エリザベス・オグリビー)、Tim Fitzpatrick(ティム・フィッツパトリック)が中心となり、2020年東京オリンピックの開催に合わせ、スコットランドと日本との、国際文化交流を目的としたプロジェクトでありました。日本各地で一同に展覧会を通した国際交流を行い、来年2021年はスコットランドで、同様に大規模なグループ展を行う予定でした。 しかし今回のコロナウイルスの影響により、予定していた10数カ所の会場のほとんどが使用不可能となり、現在展示可能な会場のみでの開催となってしまいました。全てを一旦白紙に戻すことも選択肢の中の1つではありましたが、この状況下でこのプロジェクトを実行するという新たな意味、それこそが、我々の“Ways ofThinking”となるはずだという思いを胸に、実現に向けて前進する事を選びました。如何なる時も芸術家は創造する事を止めず、常に考え、その道を探し続けます。

主催:Lateral Lab / LOCALSHIP    協力:Art Spot Korin

Ways of Thinking

Lateral Lab’s ‘ways of thinking’ links two projects-an exchange programme for young artists on the themes of environmentand wellbeing-and an encompassing mapping project threading across Japan which includes making temporary site-specific works and interventions with arts partners.

The extensive but modest mapping and site-specific element of the project will share the work of Lateral Lab’s artists andcollaborators from Japan and Scotland with audiences in both countries, through new works and interventions for public sites across Japan.

Bringing together existing and newly created works made in conjunction with these venues and sites during 2019-20, the project as a whole will be recorded and published in map form, also available online, designed and accessible for Japanese and English speaking audiences. The map will be a guide-functional and a means of publicising the project- but also an enduring and beautifully designed document of the project.

‘Ways of thinking’ will plot people, places and how we connect through experience, geography and environment, capturing the cross-currents that have, and can, create new understandings and practices.

Cultural exchange is increasingly important in these challenging times and Lateral Lab continues to be fully committed to enabling and supporting the exchange process for individual artists and host organisations; promoting and strengthening the international networks that evolve from them.

Lateral Lab

“Ways of Thinking” is a project aimed at international cultural exchange.
This project, led by Elizabeth Ogilvie and Tim Fitzpatrick of Lateral Lab, was supposed to be held at the time of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
And Planning to have international exchanges through exhibitions throughout Japan, and next year 2021 planed to held a similarly large group exhibition in Scotland.
But, due to the influence of the coronavirus, most of the planned 10 or more venues became unavailable, and it is going to hold to only at the venues where it can be exhibited now.

One our option was to starting over with the project.
But we felt that the new meaning of carrying out this project in this situation will be our “Ways of Thinking”.
And We chose to move forward to achieve that.

At any given time, the artist does not stop creating, always thinks and continues to find the way.


Participating artists :
Patrick M. Lydon & Suhee Kang
Niall Stevenson
Joseph Calleja & Clare Ghigo
Russell Beard
Luis B. Guzmán

July 14th-26th, July 28th-August 9th, 2020
15:00-19:00 (until 18:00 on 26th and 9th) / Mondays Closed
The exhibition will be held in 2 periods.

* Due to the influence of coronavirus, there is a delay in overseas mailing, and it is unavoidable that the schedule and composition will be changed.

Detailed information about participating artists will be posted on the Art Spot Korin homepage at any time.