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Arabella Hope 展「The Land of the Lost」2016年8月2日(火)~14日(日)月曜日休廊 15時〜19時(最終日 15時〜18時)*終了しました



The Land of the Lost

Arabella Hope/アラベラ・ホープ

15時〜19時 (最終日 15時〜18時)


まるでベール を通して見ている様に、世界は創られます。

技法 : 油画を中心とした平面作品。



Arabella Hope/アラベラ・ホープ

-Solo Exhibitions-
2017: pending- Taipei Botanical Gardens Gallery, Taiwan
2016: pending- Keith Gallery, Berlin
Land of the Lost Art Spot Korin, Kyoto, Japan
2014: Arabella Hope, Flight or Flight Contemporary Art Space Osaka, (CASO), Osaka, Japan
2013: The Lonely Mountain Das Gift Giftraum, Berlin
2012: Arabella Hope New Works Fettes College, Edinburgh
2011: The Selected Highlights Fettes College, Edinburgh
Inside/Outside Fettes College, Edinburgh
2008: Arabella Hope Gimpel Fils Gallery, Mayfair, London

-Group Exhibitions-
2016: pending – Grabowsee Art Festival Installation, Berlin
Silence comes from the hardest working in town Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin
Annuale Emabassy Gallery, Edinburgh
Does Every Name Already Have A Sound? Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin
2015: With Compliments Oh Pamela, Berlin
Lass Los Anothersidewalk Gallery, Berlin
Career Woman Holz Kocken Hocks, Berlin
Ying Colosseum Intervention Anothersidewalk Gallery, Kreuzberg, Berlin
Grabowsee Art Festival Installation, Berlin
2014: Unknown Country. Kottie Paloma, Arabella Hope, Tom Kobilalka Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin
2013: Prints from Duncan Passmore, Silas Parry and Arabella Hope, Knoth and Kruger, Berlin
Visual Art Scotland Annual Show, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Scottish Society of Arts Annual Show, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2007: New Graduates 2007 Pentagon Gallery, Glasgow
BraveArt, Emerging Scottish Talent as part of Tent London, Atlantis Gallery, London
Terra Nova IV, Highlights from the Degree Show Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow
Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2007 GSA, Glasgow
Group Show Newberry Gallery, Glasgow
2006: HOPE Patriothall Gallery, WASPS, Edinburgh
2005: Exhibited and Curated, Legs Eleven, 11 recent Graduates of the four Art Schools in Scotland Patriothall Gallery, WASPS, Edinburgh

-Residencies and Awards-
2016 pending Residency Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan
pending Autocenter Residency, Berlin
2010-2012 Fettes College Artist in Residence
2013 Winner of the Duff Memorial Prize for Painting, Visual Arts Scotland

Ba Hons Glasgow School of Art, Painting and Printmaking
Leith School of Art Foundation Course


13876345_1772953429594237_5765868502833134575_nSupported by Hope Scott Trust



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